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Recycling The Old Computer Stuff

Call 631-586-5811 is making an effort to provide our children with a greener future. Computer technology changes so rapidly that computer equipment hardly makes it to the consumer before it is obsolete. In order to stay competitive businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but as you leave your competition in the dust you leave a trail of outdated and unwanted computer equipment. EPA legislation requires that businesses dispose of their old equipment properly many companies are charging between $5.00 and $25.00 dollars for each piece of equipment.

Recently became a computer equipment recycling drop off center.

Businesses and consumers can now drop off unwanted computer equipment to, at no cost. If is performing services at your location a employee can also remove equipment for you. has partnered with a recycler that has a Zero Landfill Policy, which means that no part of any recycled equipment will ever see a landfill.

NOTE: Recycling your equipment does not remove critical data from the storage media, if HIPPA, GLIBA or SOX regulations require you to provide certified secure data deletion or if you would like to protect yourself from identity theft then please refer to our secure data destruction page.

Let's work together to ensure our children have a greener more secure future.