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U.S. on high alert for cyberattacks. Are you prepared?

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Russia has the ability to deploy cyberweapons against the U.S. infrastructure at any moment. They’ve spent years infiltrating critical American systems learning how to disrupt power grids, gas pipelines, water distribution systems, financial markets, banks, and ATMs.

Silent and destructive

The same cyber-attacks that Russians are targeting against Ukraine can be pointed at us here in the U.S. just as easily and with greater intensity.

Those attacks aren’t necessarily limited to government and infrastructure.  Russia could increase disruptive attacks against Americans directly.

How easily they can attack

Russian cyber officials and their contractors are so skilled at placing malware and instigating successful ransomware attacks, that they very well could subsidize the cost of waging war by stealing from Americans.

This should be a wakeup call to check your own digital security and protection by calling @ 631-586-5811. One weak device in your world can take down the rest of your technology at home or work.

Be prepared

Whether Russia or another bad actor it’s not a question of if you’ll be targeted for an attack at some point, but when. Be prepared by adding E-set Endpoint anti-virus security protection to all of your devices.